Student Survival Kit

Student Survival Kit

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On a budget but don’t have time to cook? Our hearty soups are a cost effective way to be well fed, well nourished and to save time for studying and living your life! Skip the dishes, skip the hassle and best of all, it’s easy to LET YOUR PARENTS PAY!

This collection has a variety of hearty soups to keep you stomach and your mouth happy! Keep them in your freezer and thaw as needed. Containers are microwaveable.

Student survival kit (5-10 meals depending how much you eat).

  1. 4 frozen soups (750 ml)
  2. 2 pot pies (1 x chicken, 1 x beef - each is a big meal of it's own)
  3. 1 package of 6 cabbage rolls.
  4. Bag of Rye crisps (toast ready any time you want with no toaster)
  5. 6 yummy cookies


vegetarian/vegan option available soon: just select it in the “varieties” option.