Barley Soups

Barley Soups

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Marla is known far and wide as a maven when it comes to barley soups. Each day people line up in her Winnipeg (River Heights) delicatessen and restaurant for a bowl or a frozen package of one of her many delicious, rich and healthy barley soups! 

Heating instructions:

1. Microwave: Containers are microwavable and may be microwaved from frozen. Use a defrost setting at first followed by full heat to bring to temperature.

2. Stove top: Run the container under hot water until contents become loose. Put contents in a small sauce pan with lid and turn stove up to medium heat. Stir often until hot.

3. Leave soup in fridge for a day or two until thawed and heat one bowl at a time on the stove medium heat. 




 Bean and Barley


Bean and Barley w/Beef

Beef and Barley No
Chicken Vegetable Barley No
Mushroom Barley Yes
Tomato Vegetable Barley Yes
Vegetable Barley Yes

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